My First Session With My Two Daughters!

A lot of people think that being a photographer, you would have millions of photographs of your children printed and framed in pride of place. Although I do take a lot of photographs of them, I’m just an average mum who normally pulls out my phone for quick snap and save my DSLR for clients. I mean, what do you do when it’s just you, two children under 5 and your camera, with no other person around to help?

I recently had my second daughter and, with having her just before Christmas, a lot of my fellow photographers were either booked up or on holiday for the festive period. So I decided to take the challenge myself. I wanted to start with posing my newborn in different positions and set ups then eventually getting my toddler involved. With those of you who have children, you know how hard it is to direct a child, let alone have it all go to plan – whether you are at a photoshoot or not.

My adorable toddler wanted to be involved from the get-go, but didn’t want to wait around to be dressed or posed with her sister, so we took it how it came. My newborn didn’t want to sleep, despite my efforts to comfort her for hours on end, and every time I put her down she would wake up. If I had a client in the studio, the baby would normally settle due to me not smelling like his or her mummy! When my Fiancé came home, he wanted to join in as well. All I can say is the photographs turned out perfect after all the hassle.

And here are the end results. Through the poses, tears and interruptions, we finally got some perfect images and I cannot wait to shoot them again and again!