Shooting From The Sky #1

My obsession is photography. My fear is heights. But… I am crazy enough to try anything.

Last week, I, along with some family members, travelled over to Brighton and up the Brighton i360! Terrifying I know! However, I am so pleased I have this adventure under my belt because the photographs are beautiful.

To be able to take a good photograph from the i360, you have to be right up close to the glass, so you don’t get the reflection. It took me a little while to get over the sickness but I finally managed to get myself to the edge, and right up against the glass for a lovely photograph. Annoyingly the day we went up, the weather wasn’t at its best. It was also foggy, though what we could see was beautiful.

I love getting the not so basic angles of anything and everything so, for me, this photograph of the west pier is lovely – even showing a tiny bit of the i360 structure (to prove I was on it)! I would recommend this experience to anyone, with or without a camera!

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(Coming soon)