Lauren & Charlie’s Wedding Day At Fitzleroi Barn

I first met Lauren and Charlie a few months ago for their engagement shoot up in the grounds surrounding the Goodwood Hotel. I knew at that moment that they were one of the couples whose wedding would be a superb opportunity to photograph in a stunning setting.

The Wedding Day

On July 7th 2018, Lauren, her bridesmaids and some family members prepared for the big day at her mother’s house in Petworth. I always find weddings crumble the most together of people – especially the dads! Lauren’s dad was exactly the same, finding chores to do whilst the girls got ready.

All the girls had their make-up and hair made perfect, then a friend of the family helped Lauren with her dress. And how beautiful it was! The reveal was perfect, and I managed to capture the reactions of all the bridesmaids and Lauren’s father, who you could see was filled with pride.

The Venue

Soon it was time to make our way to the wedding venue, the gorgeous Fitzleroi Barn, located in the West Sussex village of Fittleworth just outside Pulborough.

When I arrived, the bridesmaids were waiting patiently, the ushers escorting guests to the ceremony room and the bride talking to the registrars.

Soon afterwards the ceremony was underway and the happy couple were reunited. Their family members read speeches, the rings were given and the marriage sealed. Lovely!

The venue was decorated beautifully, with a vintage touch. Little did Lauren know that the best man had arranged for doves to be released after the ceremony and the photographs look fabulous! For someone who doesn’t particularly like birds, Lauren managed very well!

After a few drinks and a few family photographs the wedding party sat down for speeches and a delicious three course meal provided by Kaiser Catering. They very kindly included me for food, and I was extremely grateful, as well as thoroughly enjoying the fare.

As wine and conversation flowed, the couple and I managed to sneak off onto the grounds – and my word it was beautiful as the photographs prove. The views of the South Downs and the freshly harvested fields were breathtaking … the perfect backdrop to capture the couple beautifully together, and their personalities shone through in just a few short snaps.

We returned to the venue where I photographed all the guests individually and in groups, which was a lovely experience for me as I got to meet everyone personally.

The Evening

After the ceremony of cutting the cake, we watched Lauren and Charlie’s first dance which was a wonderful opportunity to take photographs when everyone was truly relaxed.

I am so grateful to Lauren and Charlie for involving me in their special day. It was definitely a very special experience and I enjoyed every minute.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Barge! <3