Maternity is something to celebrate, carrying a baby is known as an absolute miracle. It is something we should all be showing off! I shoot with ladies who are having their first babies, second, third to their last babies and every single shoot is beautiful in it’s own way.

All the ladies I shoot with are completely different throughout their maternity journey. Whether you carry a bigger baby or smaller we will find the right time to shoot for you and your family. It is better to shoot between 28-35 weeks but I urge my ladies to shoot when they feel like they are glowing! You are all beautiful, and the photographs are always amazing but you won’t see it unless you feel great in yourself.

If you would like to show off your baby bump click here and let’s have a chat about your session, I have shoot on location, in client’s homes or in my own. I feel that the photographs are better when you are comfortable, and I make a point about it.

Before you decide, first come and see how these mumma’s get on with their sessions showing off their baby bumps! You can shoot solely, with your partner, family or even a pet! We can customise your shoot to suit you.