Here are a selection of photographs from my seasonal promotion shoots. Ranging from Christmas to Valentines, Bluebells to Halloween. If you would like to get you or your little one involved and featured on my gallery, book now! These seem to be the more creative of shoots due to the nature of the seasons. It’s fascinating to pick up different props and just explore the outside when Autumn and Winter come along, the contrast between cold and wintery to blossoming and bright are amazing when you look through this particular album. I offer location and studio shoots with these particular sessions as the location shoots are more for toddlers and older children and studio is more for sitter sessions. However sometimes it’s nice to mix it up a bit.


With the new addition to the Milkbath Sessions I am putting the seasonal spin on it as no other photographer around this area dabbles in such an art. This means you can book your little one for a MilkBath session with the festive twist ranging from baubles, santa hats and holly, to bright coloured eggs, bunnies and hearts! These sessions get booked fast so make sure to enquire ASAP!